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  CPH Theory is based  on  Generalized light velocity from energy  into mass.


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Merry Christmas 2012




The Higgs boson Fantasy turned reality

Original manuscript of Newton's laws of motion now online

Sonoluminescence and quantum optical heating

Perturbative QCD effects

Life on other planets?

Most Distant Object Yet Discovered In The Universe

Did Dark Matter Annihilate Our Early Universe?

Most Distant Detection Of Water In The Universe

Time For A New Theory Of Gravitation?

Dark Matter, Dark Energy; Now There�s �Dark Gulping�

Do We Need a New Theory of Gravitation?

Stephen Hawking hospitalized, reported very ill

Radioactive Beam EXperiment at ISOLDE

Kepler�s First Light Images

A Fascinating New Higgs Boson Search By The DZERO Experiment

NASA�s Biggest Challenge? Congress

Higgs Boson Given Less Space To Hide

Higgs Boson Found

Possible Fifth Force Would Make Direct Detection of Dark Matter Unlikely

New Particle Throws Monkeywrench in Particle Physics

Closing in on the Higgs Boson

20 years of the web

Does gravity come in sizes?


 of Charged Higgs Bosons and B-meson Decays

Fermilab Scientists Discover Rare Single Top Quark

Life beyond earth: To the sun-like stars

Astronomers Detect Two Black Holes in a Cosmic Dance

Nanoparticle metrology standards

An Outline of the Dirac/Eddington Numbers

Electric motor polarizes opinion

Particle Accelerators Race To Discover Higgs Boson

Hadron Collider vs. Tevatron

New Company Looks to Produce Space Based Solar Power Within a Decade


Big gains for physics as Obama signs stimulus bill

Perseverence Is Paying Off for a Test of Relativity in Space

Godel and the End of Physics


Higgs boson mass

On the Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics of the Luminiferous Medium

Unnatural selection: Robots start to evolve

Cardiff researchers could herald a new era in fundamental physics

The end of the world at the Large Hadron Collider?

The God Particle At the Heart of All Matter

Nonstandard Higgs Boson Decays

Astronomers Discover Link Between Supermassive Black Holes And Galaxy Formation

Charge dependence of nano-particle growth in silane plasmas under UV irradiation

More Faults Found in LHC, But No Further Delay to Start-up

Quantum mechanics with single atoms and photons

Reversible loss of superfluidity of a Bose�Einstein condensate in a 1D optical lattice

Quasi-monoenergetic electron beams produced by colliding cross-polarized laser pulses in underdense plasmas

The Higgs Boson Particle Isn't a Particle - Why the Search for Subatomic Particles is an Illusion

A quantum imager for intensity correlated photons

Search for clustering of ultra high energy cosmic rays from the Pierre Auger Observatory

The International Year of Astronomy (and the man who preceded Galileo)

Low�cost LEDs May Slash Household Electric Bills Within Five Years

200 Light Years Away, HD 80606b Positively Sizzles

Solar storms could kill cell phones, other technologies

CERN: the view from inside

The Holographic Universe

British scientists given cash backing for Big Bang research

Hubble And The IYA; A Magnetar Acts Up

Wall divides east and west sides of cosmic metropolis

Physicists Set Plan in Motion to Change Publishing System

Omega Point Theory

Top 10 of people created and perfected Internet

Blue Straggler Stars Cannibalize to Stay Young

Bad Headline on Quantum Teleportation Between Distant Matter Qubit

Shuttle astronaut is Douglas Byrd grad

A fascination with how things work

New nano-simulation tools to design smaller transistors

Bootes Field: New Panorama Reveals More Than a Thousand Black Holes

Super-Massive Black Hole Powers Gas-Shrouded Active Galaxy

Supermassive Black Holes To Stars - It Wasn't Us!

Fast-Spinning Stars Get New Image

Annihilation of conductive paths and single electron trapping

NASA Device Could Help Detect Cataracts

"Google Satellite" Will Have an Orbital View Over Obama's Inauguration

Millimetron Project

The Search for Astro-engineering in the Universe

Is Quantum mechanics controlling your thought?

Findings of the Joint Dark Energy Mission

A galaxy of helpful people

A new kind of Big Science

NASA chief Griffin says goodbye to employees

Einstein didn't explain everything. We need a scientific revolution

Our world may be a giant hologram

Scientists solve longstanding astronomy mystery

Does Gravity Have Inertia?

No Exit - A Paper About Black Holes

NASA Scientists and participants from all over the world attend Solar Eclipse Workshop in the city

The Planck scale: relativity meets quantum mechanics meets gravity.

A few interestings articles

Causes of Global Warming

Griffin's final week as NASA chief?

Magnetic structure of our Galaxy: A review of observations

The Hydrogen Economy

The problems with �The Future of Human Spaceflight�

COTS: the next generation

Ike�s gambit: The KH-8 reconnaissance satellite

A History of the Kennedy Space Center

A possible source of the five-year delay policy

Rethinking TSAT: survivability first

A final defense of Constellation

Ike�s gambit: The development and operations of the KH-7 and KH-8 spy satellites

Ancient explosion caught on tape

Researchers measure elusive repulsive force from quantum fluctuations

Measuring the Structure and Temperature of a Quiescent Neutron Star

Belfast art set to collide with quantum physics

Did Alternative Worlds Exist at the Big Bang

Who Will Be the Next NASA Administrator?

 A Signature of Ions Crossing the Contact Discontinuity of Astrophysical Shocks

Fly Through a Supernova Remnant in 3-D

Photons drive nanomachines

Physicists set new record for quantum memory storage

A penetrating gaze into the world of quantum physics

Molecular motor works by detecting minute changes in force

Scientists tweak quantum force, reducing barrier to tiny devices

Could Quark Stars Explain Magnetars Strong Magnetic Field?

The Milky Way: Bigger, Faster, Better Understood

Which Comes First: Galaxy or Black Hole?

Perfect Space Storm Could be Catastrophic on Earth, Study Concludes

Environmental consequences of nuclear war

The year in science: 'God particles' and the cloak of invisibility?

Physicists Squeeze Light To Quantum Limit

Electron Traps That Compute

NASA warns of 'space Katrina' radiation storm

Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope discovers slew of new pulsars

Milky Way a Swifter Spinner, More Massive, New Measurements Show

Opinion: Australia 'killing Earth' says NASA scientist

Molecules in Gamma-Ray Burst Detected

Physics 2008 Year in Review

Stars Forming Just Beyond Black Hole�s Grasp at Galactic Center

Hawking on LHC & Pure Research

Nano 'Tractor Beam' Traps DNA

Physicists Create World's Tiniest Trophy

Nuclear Waste Eating Molecule

Naked Eye Gamma Burst Observed

Cleantech:The Sixth Industrial Revolution

Hadron Collider to re-start in June

Introduction To Soft Body Physics

Obama offers new hope for science

Mathematical undecidability and quantum randomness

Did Dark Matter Power Early Stars?

Sceptics skip the long view

The Alternative Free Energy

The Year in Materials

Computers Making Computers?

11 Questions for Obama�s Science Team

Let there be axions

2009: the year in view

The great 2008 quiz A year with lots of questions

The International Year of Astronomy is Almost Here!

The Universe in a Nutshell

The Bomb as Fetish

CERN pulls Strings together

Partons, QCD and strings

Physicists Use Lasers To Tricks Molecules

Richard Feynman, Mr X, and the arrow of time

Scientists Attempt To Create Artificial Sun On Earth

Scientists plan to ignite tiny man-made star

Obama's Science Team

Another thought is unwinding

Nuclear Fusion: Scientists Attempt To Create Artificial Sun On Earth

Aether and emergence paradigm

Tunneling Effect In Strong Laser Field Interaction Under Attack

Most confusing watch?

How Helium Can Be Solid And Perfect Liquid At Same Time?

Intersection of Quantum Physics and Homeopathy

A Glimpse Inside the Global Warming Controversy

Studying Black Holes Using a PlayStation 3

TOP ARTICLE | 'Tis The Season

Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

New technique is quantum leap forward in understanding proteins

This Machine Might* Save the World

The Big Bang, Coming Wednesday

Global Warming Alarm "Mistaken"

Physicists Discovered Could Rejuvenate the Brain


How to silence a one-ton bell

Lost in Space NASA at 50

An abrupt slowdown for particles on the fast track

Signs of dark matter?

The iron age of superconductivity

Scientists see silver lining in dark matter

Quantum physics says goodbye to reality

About Hawking paper

Did 'Dark Matter' Create The First Stars?

Quantum Electrodynamics

Nobel Lecture: Richard P. Feynman

What Came Before The Big Bang?

Dark Energy Stunts Galaxies� Growth

Top physicists Discoveries of 2008

Zero-Gravity Bacterial Behavior Hints at Disease-Busting Hacks

The List: Five Physics Lessons for Obama

A Supermassive Black Hole Lives in Centre of Our Galaxy

Environmental Testing for Kepler Mission

Astronomy, Black Holes

"Leap Second" to be Added to World Clocks

Broken Symmetry

Solving the Mystery of the Missing Neutrinos

Accelerators and Nobel Laureates

History of Caltech

How the Sun Shines

High Energy Neutrinos from the Cosmos

The Dual Nature of Light as Reflected in the Nobel Archives

The Accidental Entrepreneur

Technology and Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley


The Nobel Prize in Physics 1901-2000

Big Bang

Doubts Cast on Cold Dark Matter

Postmodern Cosmology

Griffin�s commercialization legacy

Big bang or bulldust?

Is Einstein the Last Great Genius?

Life Goes On: The big bang?still banging

Early Warning System Needed for LHC

First Images Emerge of Damage to the LHC, Replacements Arrive

Iran to Launch Animals to Space

Astronomers 'Time Travel' to 16th Century Supernova

Materials meeting highlights virtues of 'small science'

Transformation optics: approaching broadband electromagnetic cloaking

Top physicist to quit �amateur� Britain after Stephen Hawking snub


Big Bang Experiment Ready To Go

Scientists uncover chronology of gamma-ray burst  May 23 2008

Ambitious NASA Probe to Fly Through Sun's Fringe   May 22 2008

Nature creates an earthy layer cake  May 21 2008

Why quantum mechanics might be wrong? May 18 2008

Newton, Einstein Lost in Space?  May 17 2008

Physicists Demonstrate How Information Can Escape From Black Holes  May  2008

Seeds come from space to grow in classroom   May 12 200

Stephen Hawking in hunt for Africa's hidden talent  May 11 2008

Super Solar Flares Stun the Solar System  May 8  2008

Is quantum Internet search on the way?

E-Bits, The Press for Truth  May 5 2008

Searching The Heavens For Pulsars And Supermassive Black Holes  May 3 2008

United States of American Governments-Amalgamated Consortium  May 1  2008

Hubble Surprise: Heavyweight Baby Galaxies  April  30  2008

Self-Healing Computers for Damaged Spaceships  April  28  2008

First steps to topological quantum computer on GaAs?  April  23  2008

The Future of Space Science  April  18  2008

Milky Way�s Giant Black Hole Awoke from Slumber 300 Years Ago   April  16  2008

NASA Ames' director talks Yuri's Night, Google, and more April 14 2008

God particle� expected to be confirmed next year

Science has seen the future. And it is invisible April 12 2008

At 78, scientist hopes for proof soon that he was right about the Universe

Large Hadron Collider could unlock secrets of the Big Bang  April 6 2008

Real Relativity  April 5 2008

Hearing on NASA Exploration Programs April 3 2008

Is Dark Energy the New Aether? April 2 2008

Smallest Black Hole Ever Discovered Has Amazing Tidal Force April 1 2008

Lecture on Women in Space March 31, 2008

Quantum Mechanics  Adiabatic  invariant

Sharp complementary wave and particle

Advanced Quantum Mechanics

A short excerpt from Quantum Electrodynamics: QED

Differential Geometry & General Relativity

Very Merry Christmas

Better thought new year

Binary stars

Speed of Gravity

Gap Theory-article

Where Protons Will Play

Consciousness, Time, Temporal Experience May.3.2007


The Mathematics of Quantum Physics: Dirac Language PDF

The Postulates of Quantum Mechanics PDF

Spin and Relativity PDF


Dark Matter Force Calculations PDF

Measurement and QCD Analysis of the Diffractive PDF

The Future of Theoretical Cosmology PDF

The Dirac operator on quantum SU(2) PDF

Handbook of perturbative QCD PDF

The Hall Theory of Photon structure PDF

Electroweak Unification and the W and Z Bosons

June.26.2007 ; The Next Einstein

June.09.2007 A New Looking to Quarks Considering Negative and Positive Masses

 July.09.2007; Rovelli's Quantum Gravity Notes with Commentary

July.18.2007; Stoney Scale and Large Number Coincidences

Sept.10.2007; Giordano Bruno: The Forgotten Philosopher

Sept.30.2007; Ten Most Amazing Pictures Taken by Hubble

Oct.12.2007; film the motion of a single electron

Oct.12.2007; Nobel prize recognizes GMR pioneers

Oct.14.2007: Simple Explanation of Quarks Properties


Dwarf Galaxies Need Dark Matter Too, Astronomers Say

Researchers show evidence of 'memory' in cells and molecules

Nov.15.2007: Line Between Quantum And Classical Worlds

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive


Quantization in Astrophysics  E-book 6.2 MB-

Galaxies Are Born Of Violence Between Dark Matter and Interstellar Gas

The Anti-gravitational Beam / Device  PDF

Joseph wathuta Nduriri:

Unification Gravity and electricity

Thermodynamics of Black Hole


Dr. A. Mamurian  PDF   DOC

11 Brilliant Inventions From Popular Science's Best of What's New 2008

Hawking bets CERN mega-machine won't find 'God's Particle' (Update)

Three Physicists Share Nobel Prize 2008

Long-Lasting Quantum Memory Leads to  Long-Distance Quantum Communication

  The Day The World Didn't End

Clump of dark matter may loom near solar system

Physicists use Bose-Einstein condensates to enhance factoring algorithm





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General Science Journal

World Science Database

Hadronic Journal

National Research Council Canada

Journal of Nuclear and Particle Physics

Scientific Journal of Pure and Applied Science

Sub quantum space and interactions from photon to fermions and bosons

Interesting articles

English Articles

Faster Than Light 

Light that travels…faster than light!

Before the Big Bang

Structure of Charge Particles

Move Structure of Photon

Structure of Charge Particles

Faster Than Light 

Light that travels…faster than light!

Before the Big Bang

Structure of Charge Particles

Move Structure of Photon

Structure of Charge Particles

Zero Point Energy and the Dirac Equation [PDF]

Speed of Light and CPH Theory [PDF]

Color Charge/Color Magnet and CPH [PDF]

Sub-Quantum Chromodynamics [PDF]

Effective Nuclear Charge [PDF]

Maxwell's Equations in a Gravitational Field [PDF]

 Realization Hawking - End of Physics by CPH [PDF]

Questions and Answers on CPH Theory [PDF]

Opinions on CPH Theory [PDF]

Analysis of CPH Theory

Definition, Principle and Explanation of CPH Theory [PDF]

Experimental Foundation of CPH Theory [PDF]

Logical Foundation of CPH Theory [PDF]

A New Mechanism of Higgs Bosons in Producing Charge Particles [PDF]

CPH Theory and Newton's Second Law [PDF]

CPH Theory and Special Relativity [PDF]

Properties of CPH [PDF]

Time Function and Work Energy Theorem [PDF]

Time Function and Absolute Black Hole [PDF] 

Thermodynamic Laws, Entropy and CPH Theory [PDF]

Vocabulary of CPH Theory [PDF] 

Quantum Electrodynamics and CPH Theory [PDF] 

Summary of Physics Concepts [PDF]

Unification and CPH Theory [PDF] 

Strong Interaction and CPH Theory [PDF]


Since 1962 I doubted on Newton's laws. I did not accept the infinitive speed and I found un-vivid the laws of gravity and time.

I learned the Einstein's Relativity, thus I found some answers for my questions. But, I had another doubt of Infinitive Mass-Energy. And I wanted to know why light has stable speed?




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