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  CPH Theory is based  on  Generalized light velocity from energy  into mass.


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Binary stars




Binary stars

Binary stars of the same mass will have opposite spins.


This prediction is made in Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr's sensational new book "Universities Asleep at the Switch", a book coming out in December 2006 that you will see being sold at Amazon.com and the major book sellers.

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Members of this group can preview the first 30 pages of this new book right now by clicking the link below:


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Binary stars act exactly like electrons

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Binary stars spin around each other pro grade not retrograde just like planets do around the sun with their closest sides going in the same direction (like gears meshing, not clashing). . In other words one star is spin up and the other spin down.

If you click either of these links below

Binary Star simulation


and (in the top boxes) make the masses of the stars the same---as electrons are the same mass---then you will plainly see that these spin up - spin down stars are rotating around each other just as a spin up - spin down electron are doing in the lowest atomic orbital.

Slide the "e" slider to the left to give you no eccentricity. . This can be two binary stars when the surroundings are homogeneous and isotropic or it can be the two electrons in a helium atom.

Or you can slide the "e" slider more to the right to give you orbits of both binary stars and electrons where their surroundings are not homogeneous and isotropic.

This shows us that not only are electrons revolving around the nucleus, but they are revolving around themselves as well just like two binary stars. . This is the revolving action (orbiting) similar to the electron action that Niels Bohr explained and won the Nobel prize for about half a century ago.

The quarks inside the proton are what keep all electrons the same mass.

So while the symmetry of the microcosm is different from the macrocosm, they BOTH obey Ampere's Laws, which really tell us that behind the scenes out of phase resonances are creating spacetime and in phase resonances are creating no spacetime. . The average spacetime being produced by both are the Wolford centers that we at Theory of Everything Group keep being reminded about.

The reason for this is that every entity whether it's in the microcosm or macrocosm is a scalar standing wave resonance like Dr. Milo Wolff proved the electron to be, and like Huygens proved a preponderance of light quanta to be, long before we even knew the smallest bit of light was an individual quantum of energy.

This is the way the universe builds itself with individual quantum pieces building scalar standing wave resonances, every so often in frequency, like keys on a universe grand piano with a keyboard of infinite length.

A scalar standing wave resonance of one frequency is made up of tiny fractional portions of scalar standing wave resonances of the next higher frequency on the keyboard of this universe piano. . An electron, for instance, is made up of higher frequency de Broglie resonances (in the x-ray realm).

And this goes on and on and on ad infinitum.

So Charles Scott is right in his epic astronomy e-book that you can get FREE by clicking the red link below:





You can click these links below for more info.

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Fitzpatrick's First Book (FREE)


Why E = mc2

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Since 1962 I doubted on Newton's laws. I did not accept the infinitive speed and I found un-vivid the laws of gravity and time.

I learned the Einstein's Relativity, thus I found some answers for my questions. But, I had another doubt of Infinitive Mass-Energy. And I wanted to know why light has stable speed?




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