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  CPH Theory is based  on  Generalized light velocity from energy  into mass.


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Consciousness, Time, Temporal Experience





Consciousness, Time, Temporal Experience

and A-Temporal Experience


Amrit Srečko Šorli Bs,  Dušan Klinar PhD

Scientific Research Centre BISTRA

Ptuj, Slovenija




Energy basis of consciousness is not fully understood yet into science. Functional aspect of consciousness is easily observed and experienced: consciousness manifests into human being as his/her capacity to watch and become aware of the way mind functions. In a scientific experience one first perceive an experiment, than mind elaborates information about experiment and finally experience occur. Our research shows that time as we experience it is a mind model. Einstein and Gödel were right by speculating that universe is without time, timeless, a-temporal. Their preposition seems to be right. Time as a physical entity into which material change runs can not be observed in the universe. One can observe time only as a numerical order of material change. Time is what one measures with a clock. With a clock one measures numerical order of material change that run into a-temporal universe: material change X1 transforms into X2, X2 transforms into X3 and so on. X3 exists “after” X2, X1 exists “before” X2 as numerical order only. Space-time does not exist as a physical reality, it exists only as a mathematical model, into which we describe irreversible stream of material change into a-temporal universe. Current scientific experience is into frame of the mind, temporal. For deeper understanding of the universe science needs to develop A-Temporal experience that is direct, without mind elaboration.


            What is measured with a clock?

Palle Yourgrau book »A World without Time: The Forgotten Legacy of Gödel and Einstein« opens new perspectives regarding scientific definition and experience of time. Both giants of science have been discussing in a second part of last century a possibility that there is no time in the universe as science experiences it. Their scientific vision of “World without time” is not examined yet fully. In this essay will be discussed some evidences that support Gödel and Einstein idea.

Let’s start with a question: “What is measured with a clock?” On the base of elementary perception (eyes) one can answer: “With a clock is measured numerical order of material change. Smallest material change that can be observed in the universe is a motion of a photon through Planck distance. The unit of time (of numerical order) that indicates this motion is called “Planck time”.

With clocks we measure numerical order of irreversible stream of material change. With the eyes we can perceive material change into the universe only, space-time into which this material change should happen is not perceivable. Space-time exists as a mathematical model into which one experiences universe. Time does not run into universe as an independent fourth dimension of space-time, it runs only as numerical order of material change.


Universe without time

Einstein and Gödel were right: time as we experience it does not exist into universe; it exists only as a mind concept through which we experience material change motion into the universe. Universe itself is without time, timeless, a-temporal. Let’s see the process of experiencing material change: material change is first perceived by senses (eyes) than elaborated into time as a mind concept and finally experienced. Linear time is a “mind prism” through which we experience material change that run into a-temporal universe. Past, present and future are elements of time as a mind prism. Into the universe there is no past, present and future.

One should distinguish between physical time (numerical order of material change) and mind time (time as a mind concept). One should be aware that material change has no duration on its own; we give it a sense of duration by measuring it. Clocks run into a-temporal universe, their motion has no duration on its own. We have been defined duration of motion of clocks regarding to the movements of stellar objects, we are not aware that stellar objects move into a-temporal universe. We “measure” with clocks duration of all other motion that run into a-temporal universe.

Material change in the universe does not run into linear way in a sense: second material change is after first material change and before third material change and so on. What happens is that first material change transformations into second material change, second into third and so on into a-temporal universe, where “before” and “after” exists only in a sense of numerical order.

Experiencing material change as a “linear stream” is result of experiencing them inside linear concept of time as a mind concept. That mother is born “before” son and “after” grandmother belongs to the experience of life through the “linear mind time”. The fact is that all three events happen into a-temporal universe. With clocks we measure numerical order of these three events: grandma has number 1, mother number 2 and grandson number 3.

Numerical order of change (time) has no an arrow, it runs into a-temporal universe. “Arrow of time” exists as a mind concept only.


Temporal Experience and A-Temporal Experience

Current scientific experience is temporal, analytic and rational. It allows us to build up scientific models of the universe and develop technology. In temporal experience there is a mind elaboration between perception and experience.


perception --- mind elaboration --- experience

 Consciousness is a “natural protection” for destructive ideas of the mind, it allows mind to bring into realization only idea that support life. By observing (watching, witnessing) the way mind elaborates one become aware that linear time is a main form into which elaboration happens. This allows one to have an A-temporal experience of the universe where there is no gap between perception and experience.


perception --- experience

 This A-Temporal experience reveals timeless nature of the universe and human being as well. It can be understood as a “peak experience” as discovery of eternity, of The Truth. A-Temporal experience reaches beyond national, religious and rational identification and is as such a way to peace and harmony on this planet.



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Since 1962 I doubted on Newton's laws. I did not accept the infinitive speed and I found un-vivid the laws of gravity and time.

I learned the Einstein's Relativity, thus I found some answers for my questions. But, I had another doubt of Infinitive Mass-Energy. And I wanted to know why light has stable speed?




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