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  CPH Theory is based  on  Generalized light velocity from energy  into mass.


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Real Relativity




Real Relativity

Critiques of Einstein theory of relativity



Twentieth century has witnessed great development in the science history. One of the most important aspects of this evolution is Einstein`s theory of Relativity, which scientists regard it more important than the Galilean – Copernicus revolution. At first this theory encountered
resistance by nearly all of the scientists but gradually it became accepted and famed as a scientific miracle.The reality is that Theory of Relativity is a combination of ignorance, contradiction and pure imagination which has no correct scientific foundation.This book is the translation of Real Relativity ( نسبیت حقیقی ) which I wrote it in 2001 but published in 2004 by Alazhar publishing company Peshawar and also published by General science journal in Sep - 18 - 2005 and other websites like CPH theory. The original book is in Persian language.

This is the draft version of translation (with little modification) and there are some mistakes in both grammar and dictation and also some issues have been left. I hope I can release the complete version as soon as possible. I published this draft version because I think the reader’s feed back will be helpful for writing the complete version.

Farooq Quraishi

May- 2- 2008Writer: Farooq Quraishi









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World Science Database

Hadronic Journal

National Research Council Canada

Journal of Nuclear and Particle Physics

Scientific Journal of Pure and Applied Science

Sub quantum space and interactions from photon to fermions and bosons

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Faster Than Light 

Light that travels…faster than light!

Before the Big Bang

Structure of Charge Particles

Move Structure of Photon

Structure of Charge Particles

Faster Than Light 

Light that travels…faster than light!

Before the Big Bang

Structure of Charge Particles

Move Structure of Photon

Structure of Charge Particles

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Speed of Light and CPH Theory [PDF]

Color Charge/Color Magnet and CPH [PDF]

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 Realization Hawking - End of Physics by CPH [PDF]

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Analysis of CPH Theory

Definition, Principle and Explanation of CPH Theory [PDF]

Experimental Foundation of CPH Theory [PDF]

Logical Foundation of CPH Theory [PDF]

A New Mechanism of Higgs Bosons in Producing Charge Particles [PDF]

CPH Theory and Newton's Second Law [PDF]

CPH Theory and Special Relativity [PDF]

Properties of CPH [PDF]

Time Function and Work Energy Theorem [PDF]

Time Function and Absolute Black Hole [PDF] 

Thermodynamic Laws, Entropy and CPH Theory [PDF]

Vocabulary of CPH Theory [PDF] 

Quantum Electrodynamics and CPH Theory [PDF] 

Summary of Physics Concepts [PDF]

Unification and CPH Theory [PDF] 

Strong Interaction and CPH Theory [PDF]


Since 1962 I doubted on Newton's laws. I did not accept the infinitive speed and I found un-vivid the laws of gravity and time.

I learned the Einstein's Relativity, thus I found some answers for my questions. But, I had another doubt of Infinitive Mass-Energy. And I wanted to know why light has stable speed?




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