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  CPH Theory is based  on  Generalized light velocity from energy  into mass.


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Hard Drive Recovered from Columbia Shuttle Solves Physics Problem
 May 6  2008

John S. Gianforte: On to Mars, again

Probe to fly close to the sun

NASA's Neil Gehrels Elected Fellow of the American Academy of Arts

Stephen Hawking to visit SA in search of an African Einstein

Shelton to hand out about 6000 degrees

Do Birds See Magnetic Fields?

Space Travel in Science Fiction

Digging for Dark Matter: The Large Underground Xenon (LUX) Detector

Another (Better) Opportunity to Send Your Name to Space

The End of Everything

Satellite Views of Deadly Cyclone in Myanmar

Titan�s Hydrocarbon 'Sand' Dunes

Send Your Name to the Moon

IC 2944 - Astrophotography by Ken Crawford

Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks

Mission to the Sun

NASA probe to fly into Sun's corona

Inventors Hall of Fame Honors Astrophysicist Riccardo Giacconi

Trip to NASA gives rocket team a big lift

Berkeley Lab Astrophysicist and Nobel Laureate George Smoot

Climate change evidence points to humans

Pioneer Anomaly partially explained with heat  May 5  2008

Searching for Water and Minerals on Mars - Implications for Colonization

Science Documentaries for Youngsters

NASA's top 10 views of Earth  May 4  2008

Could Jupiter Wreck the Solar System?   May 3  2008

Happy Space Day!

Triple and Double Craters on Mars

Plan To Send A Probe To The Sun

Physics students selected for summer research opportunity

NASA Astronaut to Receive the Royal Treatment

Hopkins to Build Solar Space Probe

The stumping of the green: First-time candidate stresses

Searching The Heavens For Pulsars And Supermassive Black Holes

Probe to skirt the sun  May 2 2008

World-Renowned Physics Team to Join Chapman Faculty

NASA Calls on APL to Send a Probe to the Sun

Musk Makes Rockets for Stars as Tesla Taunts Ferrari on Earth

NASAs new space mission may unravel extreme astrophysical processes

Benton, Ill., Native Rudy Gostowski of NASA's Marshall Center Inspires Minority Students to Pursue Aerospace Careers

Ocean Currents May Cool the Climate for a Decade

New Type of White Dwarf Stars Discovered

Carnival of Space #52 - The Anniversary Edition

Jupiter�s Rings Are �Made in the Shade�

What's Up - The Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - May 2-4, 2008

NASA New Horizons Mission: The PI's Perspective: Green Beacons for a Golden Bird

American Academy of Arts and Sciences elects 2 Penn State scientists
International Lunar Network Mission Subsystem Component

Explore Earth's Ionosphere with Google Earth  May 1 2008

Gaia Hypothesis: Could Earth Really be a Single Organism?

Spirit's Dust Dilemma

Shape Shifting Robot Can Reassemble After Crashing Apart

Where In The Universe?

Titan Launch Pad Tower Blown Up at Cape Canaveral (Gallery)   2008/04/30

Inspector General: Conflict of interest on NASA review board

Practice wedges, putting, says short-game guru Mark Herrmann

Jupiter's Shadowy Ring Behavior

'4D' Ionosphere Map Helps Flyers, Soldiers, Ham Radio Operators

Commodities Await the Fed

Cassini Watches Five-Month-Long Lightning Storm Rage on Saturn

Supermassive Black Hole Kicked Out of Galaxy: First Ever Observation

Global Warming is Accelerating Faster than can be Naturally Repaired

Europe Launches the Most Accurate Clock in Space   2008/04/29

Looking For a Free Ride To Venus?

10 Satellites Launched in Record Setting Mission for India (Video)

Globular Clusters Are Less Evolved than Astronomers Thought

The End of the Universe Part 1: The End of the Solar System

The Earth's Cities at Night

Design Begins on Twin Probes That Will Study Radiation Belts

Ask a Teacher: Give us students' silliest thoughts

Mayo High School physics teacher is finalist for state honor

New Online Map Reveals Evidence of the Forces that Once Shaped Mars

Launch grounded; spirit isn't

NASA's 50th Anniversary Lecture By Professor Stephen Hawking

'Sticky Nanotubes' Hold Key To Future Technologies

Space Golf and Other Zero-G Sports on the ISS  April 26  2008

The Physics of Zero-G Whipped Cream

Focused Microwaves Could Enable Wireless Power Transfer

Beneath Arctic, Teeming Life Holds Extraterrestrial Clues

Future of space science

NASA scientist I. Irving Pinkel - Notable Local Deaths

ATV Jules Verne Boosts Space Station to Higher Orbit (Video)

Potential Global Warming "Fix" Will Damage the Ozone Layer

Trailer for the International Year of Astronomy 2009

Soyuz Hard Landing: The Facts   April 25 2008

Statement by Louis Stodieck Hearing on NASA's International Space Station

NASA Intern Hoping To Go On Space Walk Before He Leaves In June

Nova Sagittarius 2008 UPDATE

Carnival of Space #51

New Hubble Images Reveal Plethora of Interacting Galaxies

Mars Was Recently Blanketed By Glaciers

Magnetic Fields Shape the Jets Pouring Out of Supermassive Black Holes (with video)

Soyuz Story Draws Ire of Federal Agency  April 24 2008

NASA wants to get its game on

Student presents research at national APS meeting

Nasa extends Cassini mission to Saturn

Oakley Science Week kicks off tonight

Take a flying trip through our amazing solar system

Opportunity�s Robotic Arm Stalls

Nova Sagittarius 2008 Is Brightening!

Podcast: Detectors

Celestron SkyScout Review

Galaxy Zoo Gets a Makeover

Solar Sail Space Travel One Step Closer to Reality

This Week's "Where In The World (and What World) Is This?"

Astronomy Lecture Scheduled for April 24

APSU astronomer receives award

Space investment attracts kids to science say Hawkings  April  22  2008

Establishing the Vision for Space Exploration

Soyuz Capsule Hatch Nearly Burned Up and Crew's Lives Were on a "Razor's Edge"

What to Look at With Binoculars

Apollo 8 Astronaut Bill Anders Reflects on Earthrise Picture

Awards Still Pouring In For CU-Boulder Graduating Physics Student

Stephen Hawking Thinks Aliens Likely

Teraphysics' Scientists to Describe New Developments in Terahertz

Stephen Hawking: Alien but primitive life likely

NASA Celebrates 25 Years In Supercomputing  April  21  2008

UPI NewsTrack Health and Science News

Branson to be the First to Marry Couples in Space

Soyuz Crew Safe After a Violent Re-entry and Landing 400km Off-target

The Debate Continues: Water or Land Landings for Orion

Australian Observatory Captures New Nova In Sagittarius   April 20 2008

The Odds of Intelligent Life in the Universe

Will the Earth fry future moon astronauts?

Daily Planner

NASA Official Wants a Six Month Stay on Moon

Name a Star - Real or Ripoff?    April 18 2008

Royal Society president's anti-astronaut comments sparks UK backlash

Space program improves life on Earth

A Portal to Another Universe?

Carnival of Space #50

Stellar Birth in the Galactic Wilderness

Looking Beneath Mars� Surface

A real blast: Student set for NASA internship

Inflation Theory Takes a Little Kick in the Pants    April 17 2008

Galactic Ghosts Haunt Their Killers

We Need a Science White House

The Pioneer Anomaly: A Deviation from Einstein Gravity?

Radiation Sickness, Cellular Damage and Increased Cancer Risk for Long-term Missions to Mars

Latest News on Apophis: 13 -year-old Boy Corrects NASA's Estimates of Earth Impact � Not! (Update)

George P. Mitchell Leads A&M and UT Partnership for Giant Magellan ...

NASA, Europe Explore Joint Mission to Outer Planets

Pioneer spacecraft mystery may be laid to rest

Where In The World (and What World) Is This?   April 16 2008

Astrosphere for April 15, 2008

Coolest, Darkest Brown Dwarf Star Discovered

Milky Way's Black Hole Gave Off a Burst 300 Years Ago

Binoculars for Astronomy

Universe Today Exclusive - Cygnus Nova V2491 Revealed for Readers

Podcast: Getting Around the Solar System

Student-Built Mini Robots Compete in Botball Regional Tournament

COMSOL News 2008 Edition Released


Three more NASA shuttle flights may get ok�d May 21 2008

NASA Sending Space Probe to Sun

NASA to Hold GLAST Pre-Launch News Briefing

NASA to Hold Glast Pre-Launch News Briefing

Discover the Universe at Exploration Station: Fort Lauderdale

Closer to the Heart - 47 Tucanae   May 20 2008

Podcast: Adaptive Optics

No Doomsday in 2012

Wow! Satellite Catches Bright Solar Flare � From a Another Star

There's A lot of Dust Out There in the Universe

Fly Over the Columbia Hills at APOD

Job Posting: Apply Today to Become an Astronaut

A Critique of Shortsighted Anthropic Principles

Planning a trip to the sun

Satellite Images of China Earthquake   May 17 2008

Strange, Super-Sized Pulsar Stumps Scientists

Ultimate Recycling on the ISS: Urine to Water

7 Minutes of Terror for Phoenix Spacecraft (Video)

Unusual Crater in Mars' Mamers Valles (Gallery)

Reaching for the stars

New NASA Mission to Sun Planned

Where are the other moons of Earth?

Green giant
UC Davis waits for next solar cycle with new telescope

CU scientists to build $34 million satellite

Ronald A. Parise; Astronomer Studied From Space Shuttles

Pflops here; now what?

Local Students Receive NASA Awards!  May 15 2008

Hoban grad to intern at NASA

Supernova Remnant Is Young and Quick

NASA's Glast Media Opportunity Set For May 15

Satellites seeing clearly despite clouds  May 14  2008

Astronaut remembered for his passion for science

Gone West: Former Astronaut Dr. Ronald Parise

Clouds are gone; go look for Mercury

Bellflower Students Talk to Astronaut Aboard Space Station

NASA Assigns Part of Crew for Expedition 20 Space Station Mission

CU Team To Build $34 Million Instrument Package For US

NASA's GLAST Gets Shades, Blankets For The Beach

Imminent Discovery of Life On Mars?

Phobos Might Only Have 10 Million Years to Live

Rising Temperatures Could Shut Down Plate Tectonics

Lower Gravity Will Help Lunar Dust Get Deep Into Astronaut Lungs

It's Almost Time for the Mars Phoenix Landing

The Hubble Space Telescope   May 13 2008

Scientific Data Recovered from a Hard Drive that Crashed With Columbia

Revealing The Undiscovered

Help Find the Mars Polar Lander

Celestron SkyScout Scope 90 Review

Scientist Says Texting is More Expensive Than Downloading From Hubble

"Tricorder" Checks for Unwanted ISS Microbes   May 10 2008

That's WMAP, Seen from Earth

Learning to Breathe Mars Air (Video)

Solution to NASA's Glove Problem

Hubble Image of the Colliding Antennae Galaxies (with Video)

Space Hotel Prototype Makes 10,000th Orbit

Rumor Mill Churns With NASA's Upcoming Announcement

After the Shuttle, Should Astronauts be Launched on Satellite Rockets?

NASA Flips for Petaflops   May 9  2008

Stars Orbiting Close to Black Holes Flattened like Hot Pancakes

Antennae Galaxies Move Closer

Unknowns in Mercury�s Gravity Field Provides Challenges for MESSENGER Mission

Long-term Observations Reveal Patterns in Saturn's Atmosphere

Popular Space Elevator Video Not "News," says LiftPort Founder

Shuttle Launch Controllers Prepared to Press "Self Destruct" Button

Legendary Astronaut John Glenn Speaks Out On Shuttle Decommissioning

Volunteers Sweat for NASA   May 8  2008

The Space Traveler's Guide to Surviving Without a Spacesuit (Part 1)

Spock's Astronomy Quiz

Photos of the Earth and Moon - From Other Worlds

Lightning Storm Generated by Chilean Volcano (Images)

Snow on Mercury?

Where In The Universe? #4

JAXA Releases Boomerang Experiment Video

NASA Considers Manned Asteroid Mission   May 7  2008 

Will Mars Astronauts be put in Suspended Animation for the Journey?

Did Earth Have More Than One Moon?

How to Detect Watery Worlds Around Other Stars

Only 11 Space Shuttle Missions Remain

Comet Strikes Increase as We Pass Through the Galactic Plane

Asteroid Impact Created a Worldwide Rain of Carbon Beads

Water in Interstellar Space

XMM-Newton Discovers Part of Missing Matter in the Universe





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General Science Journal

World Science Database

Hadronic Journal

National Research Council Canada

Journal of Nuclear and Particle Physics

Scientific Journal of Pure and Applied Science

Sub quantum space and interactions from photon to fermions and bosons

Interesting articles

English Articles

Faster Than Light 

Light that travels…faster than light!

Before the Big Bang

Structure of Charge Particles

Move Structure of Photon

Structure of Charge Particles

Faster Than Light 

Light that travels…faster than light!

Before the Big Bang

Structure of Charge Particles

Move Structure of Photon

Structure of Charge Particles

Zero Point Energy and the Dirac Equation [PDF]

Speed of Light and CPH Theory [PDF]

Color Charge/Color Magnet and CPH [PDF]

Sub-Quantum Chromodynamics [PDF]

Effective Nuclear Charge [PDF]

Maxwell's Equations in a Gravitational Field [PDF]

 Realization Hawking - End of Physics by CPH [PDF]

Questions and Answers on CPH Theory [PDF]

Opinions on CPH Theory [PDF]

Analysis of CPH Theory

Definition, Principle and Explanation of CPH Theory [PDF]

Experimental Foundation of CPH Theory [PDF]

Logical Foundation of CPH Theory [PDF]

A New Mechanism of Higgs Bosons in Producing Charge Particles [PDF]

CPH Theory and Newton's Second Law [PDF]

CPH Theory and Special Relativity [PDF]

Properties of CPH [PDF]

Time Function and Work Energy Theorem [PDF]

Time Function and Absolute Black Hole [PDF] 

Thermodynamic Laws, Entropy and CPH Theory [PDF]

Vocabulary of CPH Theory [PDF] 

Quantum Electrodynamics and CPH Theory [PDF] 

Summary of Physics Concepts [PDF]

Unification and CPH Theory [PDF] 

Strong Interaction and CPH Theory [PDF]


Since 1962 I doubted on Newton's laws. I did not accept the infinitive speed and I found un-vivid the laws of gravity and time.

I learned the Einstein's Relativity, thus I found some answers for my questions. But, I had another doubt of Infinitive Mass-Energy. And I wanted to know why light has stable speed?




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