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CPH Theory is based on generalized the light velocity from energy into mass.


A Theory of Everything and before the Big Bang




Studying The Big Bang Theory at CERN

Swansea University scientists working at CERN have made a landmark finding, taking them one step closer to answering the question of why matter exists and illuminating the mysteries of the Big Bang and the birth of the Universe.

In their paper published in Nature the physicists from the University's College of Science, working with an international collaborative team at CERN, describe the first precision study of antihydrogen, the antimatter equivalent of hydrogen.

Professor Mike Charlton said: "The existence of antimatter is well established in physics, and it is buried deep in the heart of some of the most successful theories ever developed. But we have yet to answer a central question of why didn't matter and antimatter, which it is believed were created in equal amounts when the Big Bang started the Universe, mutually self-annihilate? Read More.


Research laboratory at CERN is shown.  CREDIT: Professor Niels Madsen

A Theory of Everything

A Theory of Everything is literally a theory of everything, including the force of gravity, which is not described by the standard model or a GUT (A Grand Unified Theory), and anything else in our universe that our current theories cannot explain. One of the main ingredients in a "theory of everything" is Quantum gravity, the unification of gravity (general relativity) with quantum mechanics (quantum field theory). We do not yet have a successful theory of quantum gravity. A GUT is also a necessary ingredient of a theory of everything, but only if a GUT exists. Read More.


Quantum Gravity

The root of the quantum gravity problem is that physicists want to solve the quantum gravity problem regardless to the relativistic Newton's second law. While these two laws (universal gravitational law and relativistic Newton's second law) are closely related to each other. In CPH Theory, according to reconsidering the relativistic Newton's second law quantum gravity is discussed and analyzed.
In spite of publishing many articles about graviton, but it has not been done any considerable work about mechanism of graviton exchange between bodies/particles. The reason is that the old graviton definition in modern physics, is unable to describe this mechanism and also it is impossible to get the theory of the quantum gravity.

In CPH theory, after reconsidering and analyzing the behavior of photon in the gravitational field, a new definition of graviton based on carrying the gravity force is given. The new view on graviton shows, identities of graviton changes, in fact it has mass with changeable spin. Gravitons convert to three types positive and negative color charges and magnetic color. These three types of gravitons make electric and magnetic fields of photon.

By using this definition, graviton exchange mechanism between bodies/objects is described. As the purpose of quantum gravity is describing the force of gravity by using the principles of quantum mechanics, all the large bodies such as stars and galaxies which are made up of atoms and elementary particles, quantum gravity should explain the graviton exchange mechanism between atoms and elementary particles, too.


Big Bang and Inflation Theory

For long time seemed the Friedmann equation is able to explain universe, but in recent years, the cosmological constant was of interest to cosmologists. However, these two equations are unable to explain before the Big Bang.

Our interpretation and understanding of the universe is dependent on the accepted theories. When a theory reaches unanswered questions, it will need to develop, like the Big Bang theory that developed by inflation.

In recent years, important aspects of inflationary cosmology have been borne out empirically.  But the fields responsible for inflation cannot be Standard Model ones. Also the big bang cannot be described using any known equations of physics until 10-6 seconds had elapsed. In CPH Theory, according to reconsidering relativistic Newton's second law, the Big Bang is explained. Regarding the sub quantum energy, the Friedmann equation is reviewed.


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Since 1962 I doubted on Newton's laws. I did not accept the infinitive speed and I found un-vivid the laws of gravity and time.

I learned the Einstein's Relativity, thus I found some answers for my questions. But, I had another doubt of Infinitive Mass-Energy. And I wanted to know why light has stable speed?





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