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هیگز بوزون آخرین ذره نایافته در مدل استاندارد که موجب کنش الکترویک می باشد. مکانیزم هیگز بگونه ای است که موجب شکست تقارن الکترویک می شود. همچنین هیگز بوزون هنوز پیدا نشده است



Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson at LEP II


 The Higgs Boson is the last missing ingredient of the Standard Model of elektroweak interactions. The Higgs mechanism is responsible for the elektroweak symmetry breaking.
Although the Higgs Boson has not been found, indirect limits on its mass can be derived from high precision electroweak data. These fits are regularily performed by the 
LEP-electroweak-working-group. Direct searches at LEP I could exclude a Higgs Boson with a mass below 60 GeV.
At LEPII one can extend these searches. If the Higgs-Boson is not too heavy it can be produced in association with a Z-Boson (the corresponding Feynman-Diagram is shown at the left.)

Our group is searching for these events in a special topology where the Higgs-Boson decays into two b-quarks and the Z-Boson into a pair of quarks. This is the dominant decay mode, which thus has the highest discovery potential. Here is a Higgs candidate found in the data of 172 GeV run in 1996.







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Sub quantum space and interactions from photon to fermions and bosons

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