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  CPH Theory is based  on  Generalized light velocity from energy  into mass.


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Taiwan Lattice QCD Journal Club





2008 Dec 26, Hai-Yang Cheng (Academia Sinica) Topological susceptibility and pseudoscalar glueball mass (pdf)
2008 Nov 28, Ling-Fong Li (Carneige-Mellon U & NTU) Beyond Standard Model Higgs (pdf)
2008 Nov 21, Pei-Ming Ho (NTU) From string to membrane (pdf)
2008 Nov 14, Fu-Jian Chiang (Bern U) Flavor twisted boundary conditions on the lattices (pdf)
2008 Nov 7, Ju-Jun Xie (NTU) Role of the N*(1535) in pp interactions(pdf)
2008 Oct 17, David Adams (NTU) Relation betweeen bare lattice coupling and MSbar coupling at one-loop with lattice fermions (pdf)
2008 Oct 3, Hung-Liang Lai (TMUE) Global QCD Analysis and Hadron Collider Physics


2008 Sep 26, Logan Wu (NTNU) Holographic QCD Vacuum (pdf)
2008 Sep 19, Ting-Wai Chiu (NTU) Magic without Magic -- Two-pass algorithm in lattice QCD(pdf)
2008 May 23, Chung-Wen Kao (CYCU) An Overview of Two-Photon Physics (ppt)
2008 May 16, Wolfram Schroers (NTU) Interaction of Hadrons in Lattice QCD (pdf)
2008 May 2, Elvira Gamiz (UIUC, USA) Lattice determination of B^0 mixing parameters in the Standard Model and beyond (pdf)
2008 April 25, Kwei-Chou Yang (CYCU) Indication of the Lowest-lying 1^{-+} Hybrid Meson in QCD(pdf)
2008 April 18, Yeong-Chuan Kao (NTU) Geometric Phases and Chiral Anomaly (no writeup). See Fujikawa's talk in 2007 ( pdf)
2008 April 11, David Chi-Jen Lin (NCTU) Walking on the lattice (no writeup). See Appelquist-Fleming-Neil's paper (pdf)
2008 Mar 28, Yu-Ying Lee (NTU) Introduction to Domain-Wall Fermion (pdf)
2008 Mar 21, Jusak Tandean (Univ. La Verne) Omega to Xi pi^+ pi^- in chiral perturbation theory


2008 Mar 14, Tomohisa Takimi (NCTU) A nonperturbative analytic study of the supersymmetry lattice gauge theory (ppt)
2008 Mar 07, Hsien-Chung Kao (NTNU) Review of Field Theories in 2+1 Dimensions ( pdf)
2008 Feb 29, Jiunn-Wei Chen (NTU) Review of Creutz Fermion (no writeup). See Creutz's talk at BNL(pdf)
2007 Dec 28, Hoi-Lai Yu (Academia Sinica) The Dimensionality of Space-Time (pdf)
2007 Dec 21, Saul Cohen (JLAB, USA) QCD and Symmetry Breaking on the Random Lattice


2007 Dec 14, Huey-Wen Lin (JLAB, USA) Lattice QCD and Baryon Spectroscopy (pdf)
2007 Nov 23   Mini-workshop on Lattice QCD
2007 Nov 16, Sandor D. Katz (Eotvos U, Hungary) Lattice QCD on modern graphic cards (pdf)
2007 Nov 9, Ting-Wai Chiu (NTU) Introduction to hybrid Monte Carlo simulation for lattice QCD(pdf)
2007 Nov 2, Xiao-Gang He (NTU) Glueball to pi pi, chiral suppressed or not ? (pdf)
2007 Oct 19, Hai-Yang Cheng (Academia Sinica) Proton Spin Puzzle: 20 years later (ppt)
2007 Oct 12, William Detmold (U. of Washington) BB potential from quenched lattice QCD (pdf)
2007 Oct 5, Wolfram Schroers (NTU) Nucleon Structure on the Lattice (pdf)
2007 Sept 28, Wen-Yu Wen (NTU) Multiquark potential from AdS/QCD (ppt)
2007 Sept 7, Hidenori Fukaya (RIKEN, Japan) Lattice QCD, Random Matrix Theory, Chiral Condensate (ppt)
2007 June 29, Hsiang-Nan Li (Academia Sinica) Status of B Physics II (pdf)
2007 June 15, David Chi-Jen Lin (NCTU) Kaon decays on the lattice (pdf)
2007 June 1, Jian-Ping Ma (ITP, Beijing) Recent Activities of CLQCD (ppt)
2007 May 25, Hai-Yang Cheng (Academia Sinica) Weak CP Violation in Kaon and B Systems (ppt)
2007 May 18, Ting-Wai Chiu (NTU) Topological Susceptibility in Lattice QCD with Dynamical Overlap(pdf)
2007 May 11, David Chi-Jen Lin (NCTU) Introduction to Partially Quenched Chiral Perturbation Theory(pdf)
2007 May 4, Kenji Ogawa (NTU) The Nuclear Force from Lattice QCD (nucl-th/0611096)(pdf)
2007 April 27, Jiunn-Wei Chen (NTU) A Review of Gluon Plasma Viscosity in Lattice QCD (ppt)
2007 April 20, Shin-Nan Yang (NTU) Electromagnetic N to Delta Transition (ppt)
2007 April 13, Hsiang-Nan Li (Academia Sinica) Status of B Physics (pdf)
2007 March 30, Chung-Wen Kao (CYCU) Nucleon polarizabilities: Theory and Experiments (ppt)
2007 March 9, Cheng-Wei Chiang (NCU) End User's View of Lattice QCD (ppt)
2007 March 9, Jiunn-Wei Chen (NTU) Nuclear Physics and Lattice QCD (ppt)
2007 March 9, David Chi-Jen Lin (NCTU) Flavor Physics and Lattice QCD (pdf)
2007 March 9, Ting-Wai Chiu (NTU) Introduction to Lattice QCD (I) (pdf)



Source: Taiwan  Lattice QCD Journal Club





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Sub quantum space and interactions from photon to fermions and bosons

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Light that travels…faster than light!

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Structure of Charge Particles

Faster Than Light 

Light that travels…faster than light!

Before the Big Bang

Structure of Charge Particles

Move Structure of Photon

Structure of Charge Particles

Zero Point Energy and the Dirac Equation [PDF]

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Properties of CPH [PDF]

Time Function and Work Energy Theorem [PDF]

Time Function and Absolute Black Hole [PDF] 

Thermodynamic Laws, Entropy and CPH Theory [PDF]

Vocabulary of CPH Theory [PDF] 

Quantum Electrodynamics and CPH Theory [PDF] 

Summary of Physics Concepts [PDF]

Unification and CPH Theory [PDF] 

Strong Interaction and CPH Theory [PDF]


Since 1962 I doubted on Newton's laws. I did not accept the infinitive speed and I found un-vivid the laws of gravity and time.

I learned the Einstein's Relativity, thus I found some answers for my questions. But, I had another doubt of Infinitive Mass-Energy. And I wanted to know why light has stable speed?




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